In most cultures food and music are celebrated and intertwined with every day life, for us it is no different. Our passion for these subjects are so ingrained in our lifestyle that it only made sense to bring the two together into one project. Our goal is to inspire others to explore what different regions all over the world have to offer with their culinary and auditory backgrounds. Our podcast, Staff Meal, is the fusion of all the finer things in life. In each episode we highlight the food and music culture of a different country. We put together a DJ mix compiled of artists only from that country and pair it with a meal and beverage that also originates from the same nation. Through doing this we have discovered artists that we would have never known otherwise. It has changed the way we search for music, digging deep into what is old and new. The recipes that we create are sometimes traditional and other times they are renditions from our own imagination. Finally accompanying it all with the perfect drink, either a cocktail or of fermentative descent. We strive to produce our best cultural representation of nations around the globe.

We are the Back Of House.