We stumbled upon this recipe by accident and we think it’s absolutely brilliant. Instead of doing an alcoholic pairing this time we wanted to come up with something that went well with an afternoon pastry. It seems like a very bizarre technique but it actually makes quite a bit of sense. For those who enjoy black drip coffee this is a great way to get some creaminess without adding any dairy. Not to mention the perfect crystal clear cup of coffee. Keep in mind this recipe makes about 4 cups of coffee.

1 cup ground coffee beans

1 whole egg (including the shell)

1 L of water

Place your coffee in a bowl and place the whole egg on top. Take a fork and smash the egg up with the coffee, making sure you shatter the shell into small pieces. Mix with the fork until a paste forms. Fill a small pot with your water and add in your coffee paste. bring to a simmer and let slowly bubble for 5 minutes. This way the coffee passes through the egg and clarifies it along with giving it a deliciously rich taste. Pour the coffee through a filter and serve. Best enjoyed with a semla (or two).