With summer around the corner this Israeli classic is sure to cool you off. Limonana’s are enjoyed on the regular and is considered to be the national drink. Found all over from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Best accompanied with our fresh made pita and hummus.

1/2 cup sugar

1 3/4 cups water

1 cup lemon juice

4 cups ice

1 oz of fresh mint leaves

We start this recipe off by making a 1:2 simple syrup. Combine 1/2 sugar with 1 cup of water in a pot and heat gently while stirring until all of the sugar is dissolved, set aside to cool to room temperature or put it in the fridge (be careful not to set a hot pot directly in your fridge or you may melt plastic…) In a blender combine your ice, lemon juice, remaining water and fresh mint leaves. Pulse for a few seconds and then blend until it becomes a slush. We like to give ours a kick by adding some vodka. Pour into a glass, kick up your feet and enjoy some sun rays as you quench your thirst in the most refreshing manor.