When most people think about street corn they think Mexico, however corn is such a staple food all around Central and South American. In Lima street vendors can be found serving up freshly grilled corn served with queso fresco (fresh cheese). Our version of this dish is slightly more modern and features our Aji Verde butter (recipe included on a seperate page). For the best results you’ll want to cook this on a open fire, get your coals nice and hot and throw a grill on top. Nothing beats the flavour of the real charcoal and smoke. We absolutely love this dish there is just nothing better than a nicely grilled and seasoned corn on the cob. Bring floss.

Peruvian Street Corn:

2 corn cobs in the husk

2 sliced green onions

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

1/2 cup crumbled queso fresco

Aji Verde butter

Salt and lime juice to taste

Soak your corn in water overnight in the husk, this allows you to have it over direct heat longer without the husk burning too badly. This step is a little unecessary but it adds a nice smokey flavour. Get a grill a foot or so above the coals and let the corn slowly cook, rotate every 15 minutes or so. After about an hour take the corn off and peel back the husk while keeping it attached at the end (this basically gives you a handle so you can turn it easily when grilling). Brush with a thin coating of canola oil and season with salt. Get the grill nice and close to the coals and toss your corn back on. Get some nice color on the kernels and make sure they are cooked. When the corn is done quickly lay your Aji butter on top so it melts evenly. Add your garnishes evenly over the top including the crumbled queso. Quick squeeze of lime juice over the top and you are Instagram ready. This also tastes great so don’t forget to dig in while its warm!